HP NC523SFP 10 Gbit Adapter - qla_hw_send: (nsegs[1, 42, 0x0] > Q8_TX_MAX_SEGMEN

  • Hi,
    We are trying to get our HP NC523SFP PCI-Express Dual Port 10 Gbit Adapter to work with PFsense. The card runs on Qlogic 3200 driver (qlxgb).
    We have copied the driver file from freebsd and added it to loader.conf.
    Also we have set the system tunables to, as the driver readme file says:


    However then we are assigning the interface, we get thousands of these failures:

    kernel: ql0: qla_hw_send: (nsegs[1, 42, 0x0] > Q8_TX_MAX_SEGMENTS)
    kernel: ql0: qla_dump_buf8: qla_hw_send: wrong pkt dump end
    kernel: ql0: 0x00000020: 00 00 00 00 00 00 c2 ff 1f fe
    kernel: ql0: 0x00000010: 08 00 06 04 00 01 8c dc d4 91 ec 10 c2 ff 1f 03
    kernel: ql0: 0x00000000: ff ff ff ff ff ff 8c dc d4 91 ec 10 08 06 00 01
    kernel: qla_dump_buf8: qla_hw_send: wrong pkt 0x2a dump start

    Does anybody know what causes this?

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