Assign p2p trafic to WAN1

  • Hi , im n00b to pfsense, i have 2 WANs .first wan's speed is 8Mbps and the second wan's speed is 512Kbps , i want to make that all p2p trafic to go through the WAN1, the 8Mbps one , and all other trafic like web browsing mail to go through the second wan.These 2 lines are from different ISPs , i have set them up,failover and loadbalance is running,both links are up.


    Please help me

    Thank You

    P.s.sorry for my english

  • Set your p2p program to use port 27777
    Then nat that port to your pc
    make a lan rule with using gateway wan1

    I need to correct myself :) cause i use a dedicated ubuntu pc for p2p
    So if you have 1 pc doing the p2p you can control the traffic to that one.

  • Thank You ,
    i have 2 pc that will use p2p, i want both of them to use wan1 when downloading torrents
    here is what im going to do:

    Firewall->nat->port Forward

    Interface –--------WAN1
    External Adress-----ANY
    External port range-???? need help here :P
    NAT IP------------- <my pc="" ip="">Local port----------27777

    Then LAN rule:
    Interface      LAN
    Protocol        TCP
    Source          Network
                      <my pc="" ip="">/24
    Destination    any
    Destination port range  any
    Gateway  Wan1Fails.ToWan2

    is this correct?


  • External port is also 27777 for 2nd pc it could be 28888
    set your protocol on the lan rule to any

  • Thank you for your help , i set it up , it worked for a while , then , when i changed the port in utorrent , it went like it should through the WAN2 (512kbps) , and when i changed in utorrent the port back it wont go throught WAN1 it continues to go throught WAN2  :( what is wrong with it? the main lan rule that is allowing everything is assigned to go through gateway WAN2 , and the rule with port 27777 to go through gateway WAN1, still the conections on 27777 go to WAN2…. :(

  • Diagnostics -> States  reset states

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