Can’t access pfsense after a while

  • Hi

    I’ve installed pfsense as follow

    ADSL modem


    pfsense wan: –lan:


    The “test configuration” as shown above works fine!

    When I do the next setup I can use internet for about 15min and then it won’t work.
    Strange thing is that I can ping and browse to my ADSL modem but not to the lan of pfsense.

    ADSL modem

    pfsense wan: –lan:


    complete network -

    Anyone an idea ?

  • You have Lan on the same subnet as wan?

    I would do
    If not dhcp wan 192.168.0.x /24
    lan 10.10.10.x /24

  • Will this be a problem?

    I did this because I have to change all my local PC's IP and gateway addresses.
    Can I use for my ADSL modem and the WAN of pfsense and 192.168.x.x for my local PC's?

  • Yes it will be a problem

    Yes you can do that.
    ( for the modem and for the pfSense WAN with gateway

  • Thanks for the information. I will try and let know if it works fine.

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