Power failure on SG-2440 or the AC Adapter?

  • So I just got my first pfsense unit today and sunk some hours into configuring it tonight.  In the midst of this process, I became unable to reach the unit via my laptop - looked up, and noticed all the lights on the SG-2440 had gone out.  Checked the AC Adapter (12V Channel Well Technology KPL-050F) and the little blue light was not lit.  After verifying the uninterruptable power supply was still sending power to the adapter, I unplugged it from the SG-2440.  All of a sudden the little blue light lit up.  Plugged back into the SG-2440, the light turns off.  SG-2440 not powering up.

    Anyone else experienced this?  Is it the adapter that is failing to provide enough juice?  (Multitester attached to the connector on the KPL-050F shows 12V output.)  Or did my SG-2440 just shit the bed after about three hours of operation?

  • Hm, haven't heard of that happening to date (probably has on rare occasion), but sounds like you have a bad AC adapter. Please get in touch with us via support and we'll get you taken care of.

  • Done #PCN-90303


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