2.2.2 ADI Community version hangs on boot - Netgate 4860-1U

  • When I run the memstick everything seems fine initially.  After I press 1 at the beginning menu, I receive the following output but then it remains here indefinitely.

    /boot/kernel/kernel text=0x1223eb0 data=0x881ab0+0x3576a0 syms=[0x8+0x16f050+0x8

    I have been able to successfully use this exact same memstick to install on a hard drive in a laptop as a test, so I know that it is a good install.  I'm assuming there may be a few commands I need to make changes to in order for this to install, but I don't know where to go from here.  Any suggestions?  Thanks in advance.  I would've purchased a PFSense firewall directly (would've been my first choice) but they are on backorder for at least another month and I really need to get this firewall going.

  • 2.2.2? That a typo and you meant 2.2.5? If not, start with 2.2.5.

    If you used that memstick to install using a laptop, it's likely not the ADI memstick, as you wouldn't have had a VGA console, only serial on COM2. Guessing you have the regular memstick, as where it stops outputting is where the VGA memstick (or non-ADI serial one) will stop outputting.

    The 4860-1U isn't on backorder at store.pfsense.org, btw. Only the desktop version is out of stock right now. But what you have will work fine.

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