VLAN Tags pfSense on Hp switch? SOLVED

  • Hi,
    I was wondering if someone could help me out figure out what I am doing wrong on the HP-2920-48G switch?

    So I have pfSense as my gateway and have 2 VLANS for guests and devices and currently i have it working perfectly with an EdgeRouter X and on a dumb switch 10/100/100 tp link. So I thought in theory if the EdgeRouter X and the TP link can be able to pass the VLAN number to the UNIFI AP then i thought a much more robust hp switch would have no issue. Then i disconnected the EdgeRouter X and connected all the ethernet cords to the Hp switch and the worst part it was not getting DHCP only for the VLANS because the works fine. So im not sure what im doing wrong or if i need to configure something special on the HP switch.

    See picture

    Thank you

  • EDIT:

    these are the pics to make it work if anyone has the same issue


    on the switch I have on port 1 my pfSense PORT 14,16,18 my AP-LR PORT 20 my powerbeam

    I tagged ONLY on the VLANS 3(invitados) and VLANS 4 (dispositivos) and make sure the primarly default NOTHING IS TAGGED that vlan everything has to be untagged

    Hope this helps

    see pictures

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