Traffic shaping - one WAN, two LANs

  • Hi,
    i'm totally in  pfsense and don't know how to setup the traffic shaping for my network.

    My setup is a WAN connection with 6Mbit/s and two LANs (guest+private).
    I want to setup the traffic shaper, my private LAN should always have the higher priority and should be able to use 90% of the WAN bandwidth every time.
    The guest-LAN should also be able to use 90% of the WAN bandwidth, but only when my private LAN is not using the WAN bandwidth.
    What kind of shaping thing is that?
    Is it PRIQ or CBQ?
    How should I start doing this?

    Thanks a lot for your help!


  • any Idea?

  • Currently, you cannot fairly share bandwidth between multiple interfaces. You could set one LAN interface with a bandwidth limit of 50% so that the other LAN will always have 50% available.

    You can accomplish your goal of fair sharing (meaning both interfaces can fully utilize all unused bandwidth) but you need to use two instances of pfSense or pfSense + a managed switch.

  • pfSense + a managed switch.

    How will this work?

  • @pteek:

    pfSense + a managed switch.

    How will this work?

    You can search for other posts on the topic. I have no actual experience in this area.

    I would assume that you would shape the traffic by IP/port on a single interface within pfSense, then the managed switch would split it off into the seperate LANs.

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