How to make PfSense 2.3.1 a Proxy Server using 1 interface only?

  • Hi everyone!

    I'm having a challenge here regarding PfSense. I have to use just a single port in PfSense for both LAN and WAN connection, but apparently, I was not able to do it. This is what I have done so far;

    1. Assigned interfaces: I assigned just the WAN and skip the other(s).

    2. Set interface IP according to my LAN configuration.

    3. Accessed the webconfigurator. System -> General setup and adjusted the settings to fit my LAN configuration ( hostname , dns ,time zone ….) saved and applied the changes.

    4. Interfaces -> WAN -> configured the gateway and unchecked "Block private networks" ( if checked ) and Block bogon Networks ( checked ! ), saved and applied the changes.

    5. Checked internet connection, at this point my PfSense-box is connected to the internet.

    6. Installed Squid in the available packages.

    7. Services -> Proxy server -> configured my proxy interface ( WAN ) and proxy port default 3128 to 8080. Saved and applied the changes.

    8. Firewall -> Rules -> WAN interface -> add a new rule; Protocol = any, Source = any, Destination = any. Saved and applied changes.

    Now, my PfSense has an internet connection, I adjusted my PC's IP to match the PfSense network. Now, my PfSense can ping the PC that is using the proxy server, the PC can ping the PfSense, but even though the PfSense has an internet connection and they can ping each other, the PC still cannot connect to the internet.

    What I have in mind right now is that, the packet or signal from the internet going to the PfSense is colliding with the packet or signal from the PfSense going the the PC. I'm not sure about this cause I'm not, at any level, good at CISCO switching and routing.

    Any help in resolving this?

    I will very much appreciate it! Thanks!  ;D

  • I adjusted my PC's IP to match the PfSense network.

    your pfsense is just sitting inside your current LAN, i don't see the need to change anything on the clients (except for filling in the proxy details)

    it might be good to draw a schematic and add it to the original post

  • Vlans and vlan capable switch?

  • Here is what I have so far. I managed to connect all the devices to the network and made them ping each other (PC, Router, Switch, and PfSense) but, the PC connected to the network still would not be able to connect to the internet even though the PfSense itself is connected and has internet connection.

    Thank you sir for your reply  ;D

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