Doesn't block outgoing

  • I'm sure it must be something on my side, I'm sure I'm stupid, etc etc etc, and so on and so forth, nevertheless: outgoing LAN is not blocked.

    1. I have a Synology.
    2. I don't want it to go anywhere except for downloading from 1 usenet server.
    3. Top firewall rules on LAN are as in zpic001. Rx = Rulex.
    4. The rules in more detail:
    A.      Rule1: Allow SYNOLOGY (192.168.x.xx) out to router (NWRK_PFSENSE = 192.168.x.x, on management ports 53, 123, 80, 443. The router is the DNS-forwarder (‘unbound’) for my whole LAN (no external DNS servers outside LAN allowed).
    B.      Rule2: BLOCK SYNOLOGY out to any other host (= the ‘!’ in front of NWRK_PFSENSE) for the above 4 management ports.
    C.      Rule3: Allow SYNOLOGY out to two specific usenet hosts (NO synology website or server is included in here, I triple-checked).
    D.      Rule4: Block SYNOLOGY out anywhere.

    5. Nevertheless, the Synology is happily checking for updates. Pic zpic002.

    6. My dear friends over @ Synology ("Made in Taiwan", not "Made in China", so to speak) are also wondering what is going on and asked me to do this from the Synology CLI: "curl".

    7. Not surprisingly, that went through very well too: Pic zpic003.

    So it is not blocking anything, even 'though the block rules are the TOP most TOP rules. I even rebooted the box 57147 times to make sure there was no caching or anything whatever.

    I'm sure, as always, I did something wrong, but what?

    Thank you for any help.

    Oh, I forgot, the latest of the greatest (version), of course, just to make sure.

  • firewall rules only block connections incoming to that interface. In order to block outgoing connections, you will need to setup a floating rule.

    You should also read especially the alternate causes section.

  • Thank you Sir ;D

    However, if I block all, it does work. Pic 004 for example, that server does not go out anywhere.

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