Firewall lan rules order issue

  • Hi everyone , i was here configuring my lan rules and when i test them i do not get any result  ?

    In this next image you will see the rules created to reject any connection to some specific ips on TCP/UDP protocols from Lan to any address .

    But when i test the rules right after , i get a connection established on my browser :

    Does this problem happens due the first lockout rule that is enabling any connection on port 80 or 443 and it should be moved to the end on the list ?

  • Rebel Alliance

    Since you have the "allow LAN to any" rule before the "reject" Rules, they would never apply

  • thanks for the reply , yes , it was exactly that , it is working perfectly now .
    I am just leaving here a print screen with the changes to others look in case of doubts .

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