Reduce squidGuard Load Times

  • I'm working on an APU1D with a 60GB Kingston SSD.  In general it performs very well but it takes 10 minutes to fully boot.  From the time I plug it in to the time I hear the boot tones is usually about 2 minutes and I can log in and work on it faster than that.  If I connect in and watch TOP it takes another little bit for Snort and c-icap to load but that's fine.  Total boot time of 4-5 minutes isn't horrible for a UTM.  The problem is that I then sit and watch squidGuard process for another few minutes maxing out the unit.  In total it takes about 10 minutes from plug-in to the time the CPU settles down and internet access is spotty during the whole ordeal.  In an effort to expedite that I'm looking to trim the fat.  I'm thinking those extra few minutes is to load all of the data from the databases into memory or something like that.

    I'm currently using the blacklist from and it extracts out to 290MB.  It's absolutely huge and has tons of categories I'll never switch on.  Antispyware?  Books?  Clothing?  Press?  Weather?  Not sure why I'd ever block those.

    I guess I have 2 options:  use a different blocklist or remove some of these.  Is there a good, concise, current blocklist for squidGuard that anyone else uses?  Or can someone instruct me on how to remove some of these?  I've removed the folder but it still shows up in the list through the pfSense portal to set so I don't think that's the right way.

    Thanks all!

  • Shallalist is a 9 MB download that extracts to ~33 MB.  I use it and it works well for me.

  • @KOM:

    Shallalist is a 9 MB download that extracts to ~33 MB.  I use it and it works well for me.

    I guess I forgot to respond.  Worked great.  Any idea if there is an easy way to purge expired listings?  I ran through about a dozen and we get a 404 when going to them.  No need to load all that superfluous info.  I guess I can contact them, though, about purging…

  • Yeah I have no idea about that, sorry.

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