2.3.2 - Monitoring: Error: [object XMLHttpRequest]

  • I have a freshly installed 2.3.2 running on SG2440.  Dual WAN setup, with a Gateway Group for load balancing.  Today I was experiencing some browser timeouts on external websites so I decided to check my monitoring page for packet loss.  I pulled up the Monitoring page and updated the graph.  I left the page open and after about 1 minute, an "Error: [object XMLHttpRequest]" message was displayed in red (see attached screenshot)

    I did not click on anything or touch the page, it must have just auto-refreshed and shown the error.  Any idea on this?  In general I believe this might be tied to the GUI becoming completely unresponsive when certain php scripts timeout or when gateways are failing over.  I am not sure where to even start debugging this.

  • I think I may have figured this out - I have a VPN gateway that was having some packet loss.  I had the "Flush all states when a gateway goes down" option set (generally I do want this). I think that the flapping was causing all states (even LAN->localhost) to be killed and caused the AJAX to timeout.  Does that sound right?

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