Solved - Troubleshooting apparent firewall issue

  • I'm a new pfSense user, trying to sort out an issue where the Goodreader app on an iPad cannot connect to an ownCloud webDav server located on the local network.  Goodreader provides a very cryptic error message of "Error - Connection failed with the error: The operation couldn't be completed.  Connection refused".

    The iPad could successfully sync to the local ownCloud server before the Apple Airport WAP/router was replaced with pfSense.  The ownCloud client apps on two computers on the network can connect to the ownCloud server, so it appears to be functional.

    I've checked the firewall logs in the GUI (Status/System Logs/Firewall Logs/Dynamic View), and I see nothing showing that this connection was blocked.  I see nothing in the logs on the ownCloud server suggesting that is has rejected the connection.  I've rebooted the iPad, the FreeBSD fail running the ownCloud server, and pfSense.

    I've reviewed Firewall Rules Troubleshooting in the docs, but nothing there did the trick.  I greatly appreciate any ideas on how to troubleshoot this.  Thanks.

  • This is not a pfSense issue.

    The new pfSense router locked up this morning, and wouldn't work even after a reboot, so I switched back to the previous router.  The connection issue between GoodReader and ownCloud is there even with the previous router, so it definitely is not the fault of pfSense.  I'll switch to another forum to seek advice on this issue.

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