What rule is needed so my soft phone can find the sip server when local

  • Hello. I am trying to figure out how or what rule is needed so the soft phone app on my cell can get to our SIP server when on internal network.

    In short, it works fine over WAN because the address programmed into my soft phone is indeed on of our WAN IP addresses. When i am on our local LAN though, it cannot get to the server.

    Now we have to WANs coming in on two interfaces. Our internal network uses WAN1 and our hosted services (VoIP included) uses WAN2.

    I have tried creating all kinds of firewall rules, but have been unsuccessful. I need some way to tell pfSense to route this traffic to our local server, on a different internal network. I have tried creating a route, but that didn't work either.

    Note our VoIP server is on a different INTERNAL network as well. We isolate our services network from our "normal" network with wifi and end users.

    I don't care if it goes out WAN1, to the ISP, then in through WAN2. Both WANs are fiber from the same provider so latency won't be an issue.

    Insight very much appreciated. Thank you!

  • The easiest fix is to modify your DNS so that the public name resolves to the internal IP address, aka Split DNS


  • I had considered using DNS, I guess I figured making a rule with an IP would have been easier. Well thank you, I'll post back to confirm that works for me.