How to connect to particular AP when many APs with same ssid

  • Is there a way to tell pfSense (as an AP client) to always connect to a particular AP, even though there are many APs nearby with the exact same SSID and channel?
    Thank you, -Pete

  • This is not implemented in GUI, but you could use this parameter on command line, and possibly also hardcode it into /etc/inc/

    bssid address
        Specify the MAC address of the access point to use when operating
        as a station in a BSS network.  This overrides any automatic
        selection done by the system.  To disable a previously selected
        access point, supply any, none, or - for the address.  This
        option is useful when more than one access points have the same
        SSID.  Another name for the bssid parameter is ap.

    This will tell the client to only associate to the AP with whatever mac address you specified.

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