Another Multiple PS4 gaming problem

  • Hey guys, just bought a new PS4 Pro to be able to play with my son whom I already bought a PS4 for.  I have read many of the forum topics on getting this working but just cannot.

    What I have working now is both PS4's can play online, just not together.

    I created a DHCP reservation for each one, then created a NAT static port for each one.  I enable UPnP but can't see anything happening with that.

    My ISP gives me 2 IP's, if I bypass pfsense on the one PS4 then we can play everything together but it's a wiring mess for me.

    If we are both connecting with the same Public IP and playing the same game together, how would the game know what packets are mine and what are my sons?

    Any help would be much appreciated..

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    If you have two IP addresses create a VIP on WAN for the other unless your ISP is one of the ones that inexplicably requires a separate MAC address for it.

    Then just manually outbound NAT one of the Xboxes out the second IP address and you should be set.

  • Derelict,

    thanks for the reply,  i was  thinking about that.  I have my cable modem bridged,  it is a cable modem/router.  My ISP told my to plug my standard network into port one,  and my additional IP into port 2 of the cable modem,  neither are static.

    Do you think it would still work?

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    Depends on the provider. Put a VIP for the second IP address on WAN and see.

  • pretty sure Shaw is one that binds to a mac address..

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    SoL if so. Yet another broken ISP.

  • that figures..

    quick observation though..

    if one of my ps4's is connected with a wired connection and the other PS4 is connected wirelessly, both PS4's can play together in the same game, exactly how I want it.

    I want to get them both on the wired segment though just for speed and reliability.

    Could that help diagnose the problem?  both on wired, doesn't work.

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    What is providing your wireless?

  • unifi AP Pro on and a Cisco sg300-28 for the lan  weird though when both on wireless it won't work either.  The only way we can both be in the same game is one on wireless, one on wired.  When on wireless, NAT is reported at type 3, on wired, NAT reported as type 2.

    actually this isn't true. We can both play together on the wireless, must have been a different error server side.. we are playing now both on wireless, NAT type 3.

    just can't seem to play together on the wired segment.

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    Shouldn't matter as far as pfSense is concerned. I would look at all the NAT settings for both subnets. Maybe you found something that works on the wireless side.

  • thanks for your time, Derelict. the only thing different is I don't have the static ports set on the wireless or DHCP reservations.  Will keep digging.

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    So don't do that on the LAN. If they both work on wireless but not on wired, make wired like woreless. Unsetting static ports aren't going to break anything else. In fact, setting it is more likely to cause breakage.

  • hey guys, i think i figured it out.

    Under >Nat>>Outbound I had a static port set for the LAN outbound network by mistake.  It showed an arrow, not multiple arrows, that is the only way i noticed it.

    I also was adding Static ports for both the PS4's and i guess it was conflicting.  If I just use UPNP one PS4 would get NAT Type 2, the other would get NAT Type 3.

    How I have it setup now is UPnP on (will tighten this up later), then on one PS4, have it set to static port for outbound NAT.  That way both PS4s report back as NAT Type 2 and we can both play the same games together on my wired connection.

    So happy, going to simplify my wiring a bunch at our new house.

  • So here's the deal.

    NAT type 3 is still playable but it has issues routing chat and other services along side it.  It would be impossible or extremely glitchy to get host in matchmaking as well.

    You need to make the devices static ip outside dhcp reservation scope.  You need NAT forwarding with static ports for any/any for each of those static ip.  You need Upnp on with the scope of sockets open and allowed.

    You'll get both to work just fine that way.  It's how I do it.
    I have a segmented gaming subnet so I'm not worried about how lax this is.

  • I am having trouble with my same settings that were working after the Battlefield update.  So I need to have static port for each PS4?

  • This is what works for me.  Since half of the equation is on Sony's side and no documentation is available - there's a bit of trial and error.

    Any of the items in those pictures change then we have issues.

  • just trying to go through the attachments.. how many PS4's do you have?  thanks for taking the time to post this.

  • Just 2.  NP - this is the 6th iteration of our "gaming" network.

    It is working exceptionally well.

  • can i just ask what IP they each have so I can make sense of your attachments?

  • You're seeing the upnp, firewall for the interface and the nat forwarding rules.

    The UPNP has the IP's of every gaming device added so that it can put ports into the service.

    The NAT forwarding allows unsolicited incoming connections to any port needed for the 2 ps4's, I only put one up because you only need to duplicate that and adjust for the static ip's you want to be open.

    The firewall just shows the any/any plus ICMP.

  • thanks bro, we are moving into our new place on Saturday and will try it out.

  • I reverted back to 2.2.6 and have 3 Xbox One's UPNP with static Nat, All 3 of us can play the same game in the same lobby with no problem. The problem seemed to happen when they went to 2.3 it broke something. Just downgrade to 2.2.6 setup like normal and your good to go.