Internet from Openvpn server

  • hi , i'm newbie

    i have site to site openvpn server working perfectly and can access to my servers outside normal.

    i just generate for my friend leaving china the .opvn  and he can access my lan network but i want to know how to give him access internet from my network because the restriction in china

    sorry for my english

    thanks for the help

  • So this server accessing your friend is an access server?
    If it is check "Redirect gateway" in the server settings to direct any client traffic over vpn and add an outbound NAT rule for the vpn tunnel subnet. Firwall > NAT > Outbound.
    The outbound NAT has to be set to automatic or hybrid mode.
    In the NAT rule select WAN at interface, at source enter the vpn tunnel subnet and at translation "interface address".

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