[SOLVED] proxmox & pfsense vlan trunking

  • Dear masters..

    I have pfsense installed on proxmox Ve 4.3.
    Physically the computer  has only 1 NIC intel 1Gb attached to trunk port on cisco Switch 2960.

    The pfsense i set 4 virtual interfaces :
    Interface 1 :  vlan 17 as wan 1
    Interface 2 : vlan 17 as wan 2
    Interface 3 : vlan 1 as Lan
    Interface 4 : no vlan ( i assume its for the trunk interface to forward the vlans from cisco to pfsense)

    Interface 1,2&3 is running well.
    Interface 4, i dont assign on pfsense, and i want to create vlan 18 & 19  from parent on interface 4
    But the vlan doesnt work.. i already pass the firewall rules for each vlan (18&19).

    All interface bridged to vmbr0

    Does any body have suggestion for me??

    Thanks in advance masters..

  • its solved..

    i just change another physical NIC and plug the trunk interface into new NIC.
    set encapsulation dot1q on cisco switch, i've tried (it works on 2900 & 3550) it doesnt work on 2950,2960(may be im wrong config).

    old one NIC doesnt support for trunking.


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