• Not sure if I have done something weird in my config but for the last two weeks or so when I update to the latest snap or lose power to the unit I have to hit restart on my resolver service after bootup.



    2.3.3-DEVELOPMENT (amd64)
    built on Sat Jan 14 00:27:18 CST 2017
    FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE-p15

  • I remember reporting this same issue in the past. Hope its not a regression.

    Just moved over a residential 64bit box to the 2.3 snaps and same issues.

  • Yes, this is not new - unbound has such issues since it exists in pfSense. It also crashes at random times (once or twice a month) so I've set up Service Watchdog to restart it and send me an e-mail when this happens (currently at 2.3.2_1)