• Order of events

    Built in wireless card in laptop setup with static dhcp lease ip
    AC wireless dongle which was unused the MAC was entered with a static ip of
    I decided to start using the dongle.
    Disabled built in wireless card on laptop.
    Plugged in dongle to laptop.
    It connected using the correct ip, however I want to use .125
    Changed the MAC for built in wireless card to use
    Changed AC dongle to use and applied settings.
    Laptop still on
    Ran dhcp release in windows
    Recconected laptop and still
    Tried disabling the dongle in device manager and enabling again.

    On the Status - DHCP Leases screen the AC Dongle shows as online and using
    There is nothing showing at all on the leases screen using although thats what the laptop is using.

    I have double checked the laptop is configured to use DHCP for ipv4.  There is no other DHCP server active on my lan.

  • I have also verified the following.

    The contents of '/var/dhcpd/etc/dhcpd.conf' is correct.

    If I restart the dhcpd service in the gui, the PID does change for the running service confirming its restarted.

    Never mind, seems a reboot on the laptop fixed it, I guess windows had some kind of caching going on.

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