• Hello ,

    I have this problem from quite some time …. During pfctl reload the Web Gui stops responding and sometimes times out . I have a lot of rules + OSPF+ VPN + pfblocker .The main bottleneck is that pfctl uses only one cpu from 4 available and it freezes the GUI for a couple of minutes.

    The cpu usage had a maximum jump at 40%(Intel N3150) , I have 4GB ram and 120GB ssd,Broadcom dual GB Nic installed so the system is not an bottleneck .

    Any solution to make this stop ?

  • Something to try as I found it caused a similar issue for me: check under System > Advanced > Notifications that the server pfSense sends administrative notifications to is correct.

    In my case, it was pointing to a wrong IP address. php-fpm handles sending admin notifications and they all hung on trying to send them to a nonexistent server, making the webGUI unresponsive.