Enable Remote Syslog with TCP Port

  • Hi  Enabling  Syslog to remote server through TCP port in addition to UDP is very important.
    I have 100+  pfsense boxes. I would like to monitor everything from a central server.

    To make it through secured channel I need to either  use  openvpn or  ssh tunnel.

    Openvpn only for  syslog is unnecessory and  SSH tunnel won't support UDP port forward.

    So, if TCP syslog option was available, this would have been an very easy setup.


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Use the syslog-ng package.

  • Have a similar Problem in AWS the destination syslog server is behind a ELB (Elastic Load Balancer) and this one is just able to balance TCP.

    Does "Use the syslog-ng package" means:
    install it
    configure input - udp
    send unfiltered to - tcp destination
    Inside pfsense send from Interface "localhost" to
    Kind regards

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