RRD Graphs not displaying correctly

  • I have had a search and can't see this issue reported on the forums. RRD graphs worked fine for me until the latest update when the size of the graph on the screen is vertically compressed so that the displayed info is just a flat line and the text on the left axis is not fitting. The data appears to be there and can be exported, the graph just needs to scale vertically more. Any ideas?

  • I have one idea but it's too simple.  I'm sure it'd never work.  But it's really simple so you may as well give it a try.  If you have a keyboard press the F5 key.  Otherwise find the browser's refresh button and click that.

  • Thanks NOYB,

    Yeah - I did kind of cover that off along with the reboots but I like your thinking. Your suggestion did however make me login to check it again and it was working "BUT" I had logged in with another account. Using my account the fault is still there so it looks like a browser issue (same PC same Chrome different domain login). At least I have a thread to pick at now and it shouldn't be too hard to sort.

    Thanks again for the reply…

  • @pluff:

    I did kind of cover that off along with the reboots

    How exactly do reboots cover browser web page refresh?