OpenVPN Remote Access Tutorial?

  • Can someone provide some kind of simple windows tutorial. The part i am getting stuck at, is where do i generate the ovpn file?

    I am only hoping that this is so simple and i am just missing it, that there was no need to create a tutorial. Tutorials such as this " " do not seem to apply to the current release as far as i can tell. I can download open vpn on the client end, and the server configuration wizard is easy. However when you get to the point about "client export" and hit "save as default", no file is generated. I can get the key files and stuff, but I am thinking i need an .ovpn file. I have done vpn connections before in other contexts and with other equipment but the last windows vpn i used, either provided client software, or was easy to figure out stuff such as pptp.

    I am using local authentication, the firewalls userdatabase. i set the encryption to sha512 which i hope isnt cracked. If so please let me know what the standard protocols are for 2017. I dont need to send a lot of data across, just monitor a network remotely occasionally.

    This seems so easy, but i cant find any resources and hit a dead end. I've hit it before and just given up, but this time i thought i would ask. Since i am i think, 90% there.  thanks

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  • Ok yeah worked perfect this time. i think the open vpn client was recently updated or something because it did not work the last time i tried that plugin. The all in one config and program installer was the step i was missing.

    Works now!

    thanks very much.

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