CP Problem

  • Hi would like to ask you guys if you have experienced this on captive portal

    my setup is a multiwan + 2 LAN NET + captive portal
    2 wans is in dchp from ISP, 2 LAN nets running on dchp. this is my current setup.

    Past setup
    WAN + 2 LAN NET + captive portal … working great
    WAN is in static IP

    my problem is with my current setup, captive portal is not redirecting to the login page and it is not blocking user from accessing the internet. i tried adding the dchp address of each wan to allowed ip address, but still no luck, then tried adding WAN MAC address on the pass-through mac again no luck. I wonder if someone have successfully setup captive portal with this setup. IS this possible with multiwan + dhcp??? Or i should forget multiwan and reconfigure everything back to its past setup? whats the best thing to do on this run out of ideas need your help gurus

  • @http://www.pfsense.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=40&Itemid=43:


    * Can only run on one interface simultaneously.
        * "Reverse" portal, i.e. capturing traffic originating from the Internet and entering your network, is not possible.
        * Only entire IP and MAC addresses can be excluded from the portal, not individual protocols and ports.
        * Currently not compatible with multi-WAN rules (will be fixed in the next release)

    I dont know what your problem is right now, but multiple WAN's are definitly not supported.

  • captive portal limitations

    Can only run on one interface simultaneously.
    Currently not compatible with multi-WAN rules

    oh I see so these is my very big problem. just wondering can I make a firewall that captive portal will only use one interface instead of two? like firewall rule on https which doesn't support multiwan also?

  • also if it is not possible. Can you suggest a workaround on this problem, for the meantime that this issue is not resolve until next release?

  • What exactly does this incompatibility look like? Does captive portal just cease to work, or does trying to run CP and multi-WAN cause serious problems with routing, throughput, what-have-you? I foolishly neglected to notice this incompatibility and tried to run both at the same time, and I had all kinds of strange problems. I rolled back the changes to a functional setup, but I'm kind of curious what was happening.



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