SQUID proxy is not creating NAT rules and forwarding to port 3128

  • Having issues with getting squid proxy to work.
    I installed it from the packages and set it up correctly, but it will not create the NAT rule to allow traffic to be forwarded from 80 to 3128.  when I check the cache logs i get this below

    I Dont see any of the NAT rules for SQUID. I do see the service is active but its not working as it should or showing cache logs. Any suggestions?

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    You don't see any NAT rules in top output? Shocking…


    Top displays the top processes on the system and periodically updates this  information.



  • I know right. DO This is what i see in my WAN and LAN Rules? DO you have a shot of what it should look like?

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    You don't. Read /tmp/rules.debug to see the complete ruleset. None of the package-created or default pfSense rules are shown in the GUI.

  • Having the same problem with proxy not working on HTTP but HTTPS working since it is not setup for transparent proxy yet.

    Running pfSense 5.6.5 2.3.5-DEVELOPMENT.
    Setup SQUID with Transparent Proxy.

    em0 wan
    em1 lan, vlan10, vlan11, vlan12, vlan99, vlan100

    I can see that ALL HTTP traffic is getting blocked.  Of course, websites with HTTPS are passing through the Transparent Proxy.
    My understanding is that pfs would make all necessary firewall rules and/or NAT translations to pass port 80 requests over to 3128.

    If I look at /tmp/rules.debug I see port 80 rules redirect to 3128 on the loopback interface.

    Setup Squid proxy redirect

    rdr pass on em1_vlan11 proto tcp from any to !(em1_vlan11) port 80 -> port 3128
    rdr pass on em1_vlan10 proto tcp from any to !(em1_vlan10) port 80 -> port 3128
    rdr pass on em1_vlan12 proto tcp from any to !(em1_vlan12) port 80 -> port 3128
    rdr pass on em1_vlan100 proto tcp from any to !(em1_vlan100) port 80 -> port 3128
    rdr pass on em1_vlan99 proto tcp from any to !(em1_vlan99) port 80 -> port 3128

    BUT FIREWALL log shows ALL port 80 requests getting blocked.

    HINTS.  Mainly wondering what would not be setup since it is supposed to create the necessary rules and I understand some rules are HIDDEN.


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