High ping when routing through pfSense

  • Hi,

    I've just installed pfSense in Hyper-V on a HP microserver. When I do a speed test circumventing pfSense I get <10ms ping but when routing though I get 70+.

    Sorry if this isn't the right place to ask, I have been looking round the forums and Google but either the answer doesn't help or I dont fully understand what is being asked :-/

    Thanks for any help,


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    what are you pinging exactly?  approx 10ms doesn't seem like a lan but a wan connection… I get 10ms to my comcast gateway for example.

    So what exactly are you pinging and how do you have the traffic routed to this something and setup through your hyper-v?  I host pfsense on esxi (6.5) on old hp microserver as well (n40l) and see no such issues.

  • Sorry I didn't want to bombard the post with loads of details that might not be relevant!

    I am using the site http://beta.speedtest.net/ which pings a an external server in my City somewhere.

    My server has 2 adapters, I have created two separate virtual switches each using an adapter.

    Then when setting pfSense up I passed one as WAN and one as LAN. The WAN one is set to not be shared with the host system too.

    I just did another test and got 179 ping and 11Mbps. Its usually around 10 and 70Mbps.


  • I've fixed this issue.

    For anyone wondering it was network drivers on the Hyper-V host (or lack of!)

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