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    I have a mail server behind a pfSense firewall. I have port 8100 open to allow access to the SSL cert protected  application. I have pointed the domain name to the mail server in DNS. I should get the WebMail page when I put in, as an example, Here are my NAT and Rule entries:

    WAN TCP      *            *      8100  8100

    IPv4 TCP      *            *      8100          *          none

    Is there something else I need to do, so that the name will resolve to the correct location? When I put in the https:://, I get "Site cannot be reached ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT.

    I can connect if I do the, but it gives me the certificate not safe screen, since the certificate is for I have a person on the server who needs things kept simple.

  • Based on your explanation, there is a problem with the DNS configuration.
    Make sure that you can resolve the name into the expected IP address first.

  • Thanks. Did a nslookup from where I was working and realized the DNS return was incorrect. It had not updated since the change. Went to a station outside my network, and the IP was correct.

    Thanks again.

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