• Hello!!!

    I just recently purchased and setup an AT&T Unite Explore MIFI device.  I currently have the device connected via USB to my pfSense box and used this command to configure it to an interface: usbconfig -d ugen3.7 set_config 1.

    The above process is now working great and I am able to get mobile internet.  I have two problems though:

    • How do I make the usbconfig -d ugen3.7 set_config 1 permanent so I do not have to input the command every time I unplug the MIFI unit?

    • How do I setup the device in IP Passthrough Mode so I can gain access to my hosted applications?  (Right now, I am basically running two firewalls.  One is the MIFI device and the other is my pfSense box.

    When I try to do set the MIFI device in IP Passthrough Mode and USB Tether, my pfSense webui becomes unresponsive and I am unable to configure any further.

    Thank you very much for the insight!


  • Any thoughts on this?

  • If you run it from shell then download the shellcmd app to pfsense and add the command to run at boot

  • Thank you very much for the reply kapara!

    I have found these settings before and did not add them because this was on boot, not per device.  If I unplug the MIFI device and plug it back in, will this command rerun?

    Thank you!