Protected connection between the customers of the captive gate

  • Hello,
    Can I create protected connections between the customers of the captive gate? In fact, I have a terminal wi-fi connected on the captive gate of pfsense and all the customers of the wi-fi must authenticate themselves on pfsense to go on the Web. However, I would like to make safe connection between the customers (the idea would be to create VPN between pfsense and each customer, or to pass the traffic on a connection SSL from the customer to the gate).
    The ideal would be to create a tunnel SSL for each customer via a certificate (it's easy to manage).

    Thank you in advance for your assistance.

  • setup the ptpp vpn server on the pfsense server

  • yes, but all of users are novices. So it's difficult for them to create this connexion (pptp or other vpn), and difficult for me to explain it to each user.
    So I would like to create a tunnel SSL via certificate. it's easier to manage.
    Can I do it ?


  • The problem is that the users at the captive portal enabled interface are all in the same subnet and can talk to each other without passing the firewall. However, if it's for preventing other users sniffing passwords and networktraffic set up at a seperate machine. Then add this destination as only allowed IP for your captive portal and make a redirection page to the loginpage of the sslexplorer. People then can login there and install the java vpnclient with a single click. You can setup users and tunnels at the sslexploreadministration then. After the clients have the VPN-CLient running their connections will be tunneled via SSL through the sslexplorer acting as secure proxy.

  • ok, i will try it.

    thank you very much !!!! or like one says in my country : Merci énormement ! ;)

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