Squid reverse proxy with *only* virtual IP

  • On my WAN interface I have the WAN IP address and 4 virtual IP addresses. I am trying to publish Exchange/OWA on only one of the virtual IPs. I have this working on the virtual IP, but OWA also seems to also be published on the WAN IP, which I don't want. I configured my current state by selecting WAN as the interface and entering the virtual IP I want to use as a "User Defined Reverse Proxy IP" (see attached proxy.jpg) When I look at the generated squid.config file I see http_port and https_port definitions for both my WAN IP and my desired virtual IP.

    How do I get it not to include the WAN IP? Intuitively it feels like I should not select any "Reverse Proxy Interface(s)", but I have to.

  • Hello,

    i have exactly the same problem. how can be this solved? I wold like to split interface by purpose.
    Now reverze proxy is catched on all virtual ip and wan ip.


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