Access to pfsense from my local network and another

  • Cant figure this out. I hit pfsense using I used to (way back before pfsense using a netgear) used So Chrome had stored the 10 address in the auto complete. Not paying attention I typed something in chrome address bar and hit enter. It ended up taking me to and the pfsense admin interface. Again, I have never used as a LAN address with pfsense. How is it possible I can hit pfsense using either address.

  • First try a different browser like Firefox, there could be something funny cached with chrome, if you get the same results,

    the 10...* network has to be configured on your pfsense box, check under Dashboard > interfaces. or the 10. IP address could be setup as an Interface alias/Virtual IP. either that or there is another pfsense box with that IP address.

    with that being said you shouldn't be able to get to a 10 subnet from a 192 subnet with out setting it up on your client computer or routing in play

  • Duh and thanks. I have open VPN set up to use as the tunnel network. I tunnel in from work almost daily. It's there that the caching in chrome is happening.

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