Do you need to add the unicast only flag?

  • Updated to 2.4.1 yesterday, I'm seeing this in the logs, not saying it wasn't there before I updated, but I don't remember ever seeing it before. Any ideas?

    Sep 23 00:51:52 gateway radvd[59406]: interface pppoe0 does not support broadcast
    Sep 23 00:51:52 gateway radvd[59406]:    do you need to add the UnicastOnly flag?

  • This appears to be caused by RADVD running on the WAN, even though DHCPv6 server is disabled on WAN. Anyone else seeing this problem?

    Although my dhcpv6 server is disabled on WAN, it appears it was ignoring that and creating an entry for WAN in the radvd.conf. I have now modded to skip if disabled, and the problem has gone away.

    Am I barking up the wrong tree or do I need to issue a BR and PR?

  • Radvd service is not managed by the dhcpv6 service, they are independent of each other and complement each other in managed and assisted modes. It looks to me that radvd is for some reason set to use the WAN interface (pppoe0) for advertising the gateway which makes no sense.

  • That's the issue, in radvd.conf there are (were) two entries, one for LAN and one for WAN (pppoe0).

    I realise that dhcpv6 and radvd are complimentary, but the GUI flag setting to disable is under dhcp6/RA 😂

    I'll fire up my test unit tomorrow and see if the issue still exists with a non PPPoE configuration.

  • OK… it appears that if a static V6 address is set on the WAN port then the option to enable dhcp6 server and radvd appear, there may be a reason for that. However, even if Router Advertisements are not enabled an entry for WAN appears in radvd.conf.

    If I get ten minutes tomorrow I'll play with this and issue a PR.

  • Strange.. I cannot force this to error again after saving RA as disabled, even though it was already showing disabled.

    Mark it solved.. 8)