OpenVPN iOS stopped working in iOS11

  • OpenVPN client worked fine in iOS10 but after ive upgraded to iOS10 i can only stay connected for 5sec then it reconnects. Here are some part of the log file with the ip and hostname changed.

    2017-09-28 18:33:54 PROTOCOL OPTIONS:
      cipher: AES-256-CBC
      digest: SHA256
      compress: LZO
      peer ID: -1
    2017-09-28 18:33:54 EVENT: ASSIGN_IP
    2017-09-28 18:33:54 Connected via tun
    2017-09-28 18:33:54 LZO-ASYM init swap=0 asym=0
    2017-09-28 18:33:54 EVENT: CONNECTED ( via /TCPv4 on tun/ gw=[]
    2017-09-28 18:33:54 SetStatus Connected
    2017-09-28 18:34:00 TCP recv EOF
    2017-09-28 18:34:00 Transport Error: Transport error on NETWORK_EOF_ERROR
    2017-09-28 18:34:00 EVENT: TRANSPORT_ERROR Transport error on NETWORK_EOF_ERROR [ERR]
    2017-09-28 18:34:00 Client terminated, restarting in 5000 ms…
    2017-09-28 18:34:00 TUN reassert
    2017-09-28 18:34:00 TUN reset routes
    2017-09-28 18:34:03 RECONNECT TEST: Internet:ReachableViaWiFi/-R t------
    2017-09-28 18:34:03 Client terminated, reconnecting in 1...
    2017-09-28 18:34:04 EVENT: RECONNECTING
    2017-09-28 18:34:04 EVENT: RESOLVE

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    And what does the server log say?

    Work has not given the go ahead for ios11 on phone yet, but do have it on my ipad at home.  When I get home I will verify that vpn connection still works with ios11, or maybe it will duplicate your problem..

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Works here. SSL/TLS+User Auth via RADIUS. 11.0 and after updating to 11.0.1. No OpenVPN Connect update shows as available.

    Just like on iOS 10.

  • It seems to work no so I guess it not a problem anymore.

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