Loosing internet connection requires reboot

  • So while the crashes seem to have disappeared which I posted about earlier, I now loose my internet connection every week or two or so. It depends, but it happened both cases  when I was remotely logged in via SSH to my server and using that as socks proxy. Even with heavy use when I am home the connection is stable. Twice now internet got dropped when I was using it remotely over socks. Pfsense is configured for port forwarding and via socks I use my home internet connection.

    Since I am not home, I am unable to login to the box to see what exactly is going on this time, but the first time I was able to have a look when I came home. I was able to ping the internet gateway and the VPN tunnels appeared up. From what I could see everything was fine, yet no traffic from the LAN via pfsense was getting an internet connection.

    Today I had my wife pull the power and let it reboot. It came up fine and its working again.

    Are there any resources online that I can read up to find relevant logging in pfsense to troubleshoot something like this? Can I (should I?) enable extra or debug logging?

    Thanks for the help.

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