Report of network traffic by email

  • Is there a package that reports network traffic and send them by email? I have installed ntopng 3.0 but i don’t find this option.Lightsquid does not have this option. I use squid + squidguard + captive portal and i have several vlans configured on my pfsense 2.4


  • You can do this with vnstat (the Status_Traffic_Totals package) and the mailreport package.

    Install both, get vnstat going, and then under Status -> Email reports add a line that will mail you regularly (e.g., daily at midnight) the output of the commands

    /usr/local/bin/vnstat -i pppoe0; /usr/local/bin/vnstat -i pppoe0 -h

    which in this case would be the statistics for the pppoe0 interface.

    For mailreport to work, you need to have setup System -> Advanced -> Notifications (the SMTP part there).


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