Alias Sync

  • Can anyone suggest a way to sync aliases between multiple firewalls?  We use pfSense for all of our corporate sites, and I would like to have the same aliases on all firewalls.  Does anyone have a suggestion on how to sync these?

    My thought is to backup all aliases from each site, then merge all the xml files together(removing duplicates of course).  I can then restore these aliases to each firewall, and from there, just maintain a master file that whenever I need to update them, I just do the same.

    Anyone else got any better ideas?  I'd love to use XMLRPC to distribute them, but I have a feeling there's no way to easily do this as it can only send to one firewall.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Put the alias contents in a .txt file hosted on a central https server, and then use URL table aliases to pull the contents into the other nodes.

    pfBlockerNG may help there if you need updates faster than the default URL table aliases.

  • It partially solves the problem, but what about an alias with hostnames instead of IPs?

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