Acme - action list web server restart

  • @jimp :

    See image.
    When using

    Restart the GUI on this firewall: Select "Shell Command" and enter /etc/rc.restart_webgui

    as an action, then also all captive portal instances are restarted (see  /etc/rc.restart_webgui) , making this one :

    Restart a local captive portal instance: Select "Restart Local Service" and enter captiveportal zonename replacing zonename with the zone to restart.

    not needed.
    When used, the listed captive portal instances restart twice.

    Btw : not the fault of "acme" package, but take note : when a certificate gets renewed and the GUI gets restarted, all captive portal visitors will be thrown of the portals.
    Discovered here

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    A certificate may be used on a captive portal zone that is different from the GUI certificate. Someone might want to restart a portal zone but not the GUI.

  • ;D
    That "someone" was me : a certificate for the portal.(mydomane.tld) and another certificate for pfsense.(mydomane.tld) hosted on another NIC.
    True, I could have combined these two into one certificate.

    These days I simplified maintenance, and I use a (one) wildcard cert.

    Btw : not related to acme :
    Restarting the GUI is completely harmless - I'm the only "user" anyway.
    Restarting the portal does have an impact as explained above.

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