Pfsense vmware box - Lan interface not recognized.

  • Hello All,

    I'll try to be short and concise.  I currently have a pfsense installed in vmware workstation 14 on a windows 7 machine with an intel pro 1000 dual port nic.  With that I have my physical connection being replicated in the vmware install of pfsense.  My topology looks like this.

    Wan: Service provider -> Modem -> Intel pro 1000 ethernet port
    Lan: The other Intel pro 1000 ethernet port -> to a router that should share the connection out to the devices.

    My issue is that pfsense recognizes the wan interface, however does not recognize lan interface?  I have read that pfsense has trouble with routers however I was hoping this issue was that I was doing something wrong other than using a router.

    I was thinking I'd try hard wiring a device to the router and see if that would fool pfsense if the router was the issue however I'm posting this in case it's not.

    Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you!

  • VMware Workstation assumes you have one NIC.  If you have multiple NICs and you want to map them to various VMnets then you need to do that via the Virtual Network Editor.

    Or you could stop playing around and use ESXi on that box instead of Windows + Workstation.

  • Hi KOM,

    Thank you for the update.  I'll look into the ESXi as it is a much better option and next step for virtualization.  However your input on the default vmnet setup by workstation was the help I needed in this case.  Quick google search on how to do change that fixed it from there.

    Very much appreciated!

  • No reason what so ever to use esxi in your case. You will loose a lot of functionality and the only thing you ll get is a built in representation of the virtual networking which you will still have great difficulty in understanding. Unless you are in a corporate environment and need a dedicated machine (let me say that again: dedicated) for your server virtualization, stick to workstation and the virtual network editor.

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