[FRR] BGP IPv6 prefix-list with "any" keyword

  • Hi,

    I am facing a litlle issue while defining a prefix-list for IPv6 prefixes and wanting to use the "any" keyword.

    While it is working great with IPv4 prefixes it is not working with IPV6 because the GUI is forcing the "any" keyword to a IPV4 prefix-list.

    If you enter "any" ine the "network" field of a prefix, then the GUI creates a IPv4 prefix-list :
          ip prefix-list pl-deny-all seq 15 deny any

    And  I would like to be able to make the same for IPv6 :
          ipv6 prefix-list pl-deny-all-v6 seq 15 deny any

    But the GUI do not have a check-boox or something similar to force the ipv6.

    If someone has a workarround (without using the raw config) ?

    Thank you.

  • My workarround was to use ::/0 in a prefix-list to match all IPv6 networks.

    At first (before posting previous msg) it wasn't working and I thought it was because it had to be the any keyword.
    In fact it was because I set the incoming prefix filter at the peer-group level and not at the peer level itself.
    When set at the peer-group level it doesn't work for IPV6 and you see in the stats there is no filter configured for ipv6 unicast. As soon as you set the filter at the peer level you see the filter is enabled for the IPv6 unicast trafic (matching the peer-group name….)

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