Computers on Lan can't talk to computers on Wlan [SOLVED]

  • Here is my setup:
    Wan dhcp

    Both Lan and Wlan have internet.  I can ping form my PC on my Lan and I can ping from my laptop on my Wlan.  The problem is I can't ping my Laptop on Wlan from my PC on Lan and vice versa.  The ultimate goal would be to only allow ssh and smb between the two networks, but I can't even get the basic any rule to work. Both my Laptop and PC are running Arch Linux in case the question is asked.


    My current rules are attached.

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    Learn the difference between an address and a network alias.

  • Hi,

    Start with :
    First rule on WLAN : change "LAN Address" for "LAN net"
    Second rule on LAN : change "WLAN address" for "WLAN net"

  • I tried that before and it didn't seem to work for me.  I just tried it again and reset the states and it works no problem now.
    Thanks for the help.  I should be able to figure out the rest from here.  :)

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