Pfsense with php 7.2 ?

  • I make a new post because I think it might interest other people.

    Do you plan to use php7.2 with pfsense 2.4.x version ?

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  • Oh yes, I didn't notice!
    So work in progress obviously.

    Thank's to all contributor for your great job.

    If you have any other information on how to perform the update, or if it will be included in a future release, I wiil take it ;)

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    At the moment we have PHP setup with flavors on the underlying packages so we can switch a 2.4.4 snapshot install from PHP 5.6 to PHP 7.2 and back again if we want.

    We are tackling most of the big issues and correcting problems as we find them. Once we get things to a reasonable state we'll publish instructions on how to move to PHP 7.2 for wider testing, and then eventually we'll move the default over to PHP 7.2.

    So if you'd like to help with testing, we'll be looking for some more help here before too long.

    I have a couple systems here running 7.2 and when we started it was pretty rough but now there aren't many problems to speak of, so it may not be much longer now.

  • Definitely up for that once I get my box stable again… it is being naughty at the moment.

    7.x switches from interpreter to JIT compilation like HHVM, which could be useful.

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