Internet drops when saturating download

  • Hello, whenever I max out my download, say download a massive game from Steam, a few minutes later my internet completely drops. It will come back on it's own but will drop again in another couple minutes. I have to completely stop the download or traffic shape/limit it in some way to stop this. I am in the UK on Zen using PPPoE at 80/20. I have the Netgate SG-1000 and a Draytek Vigor 130 as the modem in bridged mode. Here is the log from when the drop happens.

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    2018-06-09T20:02:39+01:00 dpinger: WAN_PPPOE Alarm latency 195258us stddev 1331617us loss 22%
    2018-06-09T20:02:39+01:00 rc.gateway_alarm[17301]: >>> Gateway alarm: WAN_PPPOE (Addr: Alarm:1 RTT:195258ms RTTsd:1331617ms Loss:22%)

    Well yeah according to dpinger your down.. And you prob have it set to reset states.. Turn that off.

  • I'm working alongside with darkgamer120 to fix this problem. That would happen due to bufferbloat. However we had disabled the reset states when gateway is down and enabled do not create rules when gateway is down. This helped a little, the result is he could download much longer than before but the internet still will drop out and the PPPoE connection would reset as seen in the logs.

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    If you have only one WAN the gateway monitor really doesn't have to do much more than log data.
    I would edit the gateway In System > Routing > Gateways and set Disable Gateway Monitoring Action.
    See what difference that makes.

    It should still log packet loss on the WAN but will not trigger anything.


  • Hi,
    I've disabled that open here: alt text

    Ran a test, and got disconnected again.
    Here is the log from when the drop happens and the internet comes back up:

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    2018-06-13T20:44:33+01:00 ppp: [wan_link0] LCP: rec'd Terminate Request #2 (Opened)

    Something told it to close the link.

    Have you tried any sort of traffic shaping to prevent it completely saturating it?


  • The better question is what could be terminating it? He shouldn't have to traffic shape to stop his Internet from dropping.

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    That's true I would not expect it.

    Some ISPs have weird policies where they punish you for going over the allocated bandwidth. Not ever seen that on a PPPoE connection though.


  • What do you mean, monthly bandwidth cap or getting more speed than you pay for? So you think this may be on the ISP side closing the PPPoE connection? The SG-1000 can handle 80Mbps PPPoE right?

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    I mean getting more speed that they have allowed. Very unlikely here I agree...

    And now I see you;re using Zen in the UK so forget that as a theory. 🙄

    The SG-1000 should pass 80Mbps, yes. Usual caveats apply there but I wouldn't expect that to be the issue.


  • Probably what is happening is your SG-1000 is getting so swamped it can't reply to the PPPoE keepalive (LCP Echo Request) messages, so the BNG considers the session to be down (it doesn't see LCP Echo Replies) and terminates it.

    It might also be that the device sending all the traffic to his SG-1000 isn't able to handle this sort of load and is dropping the PPPoE LCP messages.

    That's where I'd be looking. Be good to try and tcpdump the PPPoE interface, but on a CPU constrained device like the SG-1000, doing this might exacerbate the problem.

  • @darkgamer120 said in Internet drops when saturating download:

    nd a Draytek Vigor 130 as the modem in bridged mode.

    A Windows PC 'speaks' pppoe very well, so hook it up directly after this modem.
    You could eliminate the SG-1000 from the chain a couple of moments, see if that that changes anything.

  • At first his ISP thought he was going over his rated speed, but we traffic shaped and determined that was not the problem. His ISP now thinks it is the PPPoE Keep Alives not being recieved thus terminating his line. How would he got about mitigating this on the SG-1000?

    Here is what the ISP said,
    alt text