Setting issue or bug?

  • I just found that if I start a large download, or really I guess it would be any download and have the Dashboard open or the Traffic Graphs then the downloads will slow to 100 to 200KB/s. As soon as I move the webgui to something else, say "Monitoring" everything speeds back up to full speed.
    I'm running the SuperMicro C2758F w/16GB of RAM, Snort, Squid and PfBlocker. CPU utilization is usually about 1%, CPU is still almost idle during this time.

  • I didn't notice it until recently, but I get the exact same behavior, and I'm on official Netgate hardware: an SG-8860 1U rack mount box. Not that it matters, but it is weird to see this happening.


  • My problem seemed to have gone away after the update to 2.4.4.
    I was running version 2.4.3 when I had the problem. What version are you running?

  • @visseroth said in Setting issue or bug?:

    My problem seemed to have gone away after the update to 2.4.4.
    I was running version 2.4.3 when I had the problem. What version are you running?

    2.4.4, but I think I can get it to behave in 2.4.3p1 like that too.


  • What's your uptime?
    Have you restarted to confirm it continues after a restart?
    When I had the issue with 2.4.3 it would persist through reboots.
    I seriously thought I was the only one experiencing the issue since I never had any replies. Glad to hear (or rather read) I'm not crazy, lol.
    Hopefully someone will chime in that knows more.

  • Mine definitely persists thru reboots. I first saw it on a 4860-1U several months ago. Thought it was weird and was working on my wording to come here and post about it. That box is running 2.4.3p1. And I'm seeing it right now on an active 8860-1U with almost 65 users connected. That box is running 2.4.4

    I don't think active users has anything to do with it, but just wanted to show it's a live firewall example.

    The 8860-1U has been up for almost 13 days. The 4860-1U is currently off-line. I'm planning to use that as a backup hot-swap box for the 8860-1U in the near future.

    So... I don't know what makes it happen, or not happen. I try not to poke into the WebGUI if I've got a good download going (long YouTube video download, software updates, etc.)


  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    What browser are you using?

    It looks like I can duplicate something like this but only when the download is being performed by the same Firefox browser that is also viewing the traffic graph so it looks to be on the browser side of things. I have loads and loads of tabs open.

    Safari does not appear to be affected.

    Neither does Chrome.

    (All reasonably current on macOS 10.14)

  • I'm using Firefox Quantum 63.0.1 (64-bit), Mac OS X

    Haven't tried another browser...


  • Ahh, well you make a valid point, I was using firefox when I saw this issue.
    Dad gum, seems Firefox is loosing it's edge.
    I'll test more when I have a chance.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

  • Thank god i found out this thread :)
    I was thinking, that something is wrong with my custom pfSense box, but i can confirm, that this issues still resides.
    If I started a download in Firefox and then used the same Firefox browser to view the dashboard for the traffic graphs - the download would slow down a lot. When i view the dashboard from Chrome, no problem with speed.

    using: 2.4.4-RELEASE-p1 (amd64)
    built on Mon Nov 26 11:40:26 EST 2018
    FreeBSD 11.2-RELEASE-p4

    EDIT: with the latest Firefox 64.0 version, the issue is gone!

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