• Hello All,

    I'm new to the forum and the proud owner of an SG-3100. :)

    I've been following a recent discussion, New VLAN not receiving DHCP address from its own pool, because the scenario is similar to mine. However, I can't get VLAN/DHCP to work at a basic level and figured I need to ask for the basics.

    Here's the scenario.

    SG-3100 2.4.3-RELEASE-p1 (arm)
    PC1 on OPT1 port. (192.168.1.x/24)
    PC2 on LAN2 port. (10.10.1.x/24)

    Goal: Put LAN2/PC2 on VLAN 2, get a DHCP IP address from VLAN2 segment, and be able to communicate to PC1 and WAN.

    It is a simple scenario but I can't get it to work.

    If you were setting up this simple scenario from scratch, what would be your configurations steps?

    I found lots of resources between this forum, pfsense hangout, other websites, and you]tube which all describe setting up VLANs and DHCP but for whatever reason, I can't get it to work. I'm trying to rule out an SG-3100 unique thing, if one even exists, and wanting to double-check if I'm running into a user error thing or a bug.

    Other notes:

    • I am running wireshark on PC2. I can see the default vlan traffic drop off when I add PC2 to VLAN2. I see DHCP requests but no offers. DHCP server is running.
    • I have a firewall rule on VLAN 2 ALLOW ALL.
    • I can ping from PC1 to (gateway) so the network segment appears to be online.

    VLAN and DHCP is not new to me but pfSense is so I figured I am missing a magic switch somewhere.

    FYI- Once I achieve this grand milestone, I will expand this setup to a couple of Netgear managed switches which is where I started before I had to step this back to a basic configuration.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.

  • When you have multiple interfaces, including VLANs, you have to configure a DHCP server on each interface. Have you done that?

  • @jknott Thanks for the quick response. It wasn't enabled this time because I was doing the configurations all over again. It is now but I'm still not getting an IP.

    I restarted DHCP and still do not get an IP on PC2/VLAN2.

    Double-checking my work as we speak.

  • Hello JKnott,

    What do you know- I got it working.

    It took me about two more passes of this pfSense hangout configuration in this video to realize I what I didn't do.

    I was not including port 5 on the VLAN interface. While I had the picture of the internal 5th port in my head, I wasn't adding it as a member to my VLAN.

    For anyone else reading this thread, make sure to add port 5 (internal switch port on SG-3100) as a tagged port (5t) to your VLAN interface so it can pass traffic into pfSense. Once I did this and saved the changes, my PC2 device immediately got an IP address and was on the network.

    Thanks again for your help JKnott.