Hangout priority

  • Re: [Priority for Skype](SIP Phone) Because of where I am located, I have no (or limited at times) cellular connection, so I rely solely on hangouts. I attempted to use the Traffic Shaping wizard, but I have not been very successful with getting it work.

    I have a very slow DSL connection that is 13Mb/s down and 1.5Mb/s up. Although I have a single WAN connection (although technically, I have a total of 4 WAN connections, but 3 of those are VPN clients), I do have 10 VLANs in play. When I use the TS Wizard, I state that I am using only a single WAN and a single LAN connection (since most of my traffic is on a single interface.) When I setup the WAN, I set the WAN to use 1050kb/s up and 2000kb down. Regardless of what I put down, I still get a message stating that I am over 30% of my bandwidth.

    What do I need to get hangouts working properly or is it the fact that I have the 10 VLANs and I am not accounting for the other 9 VLANs when I am trying to use the TS Wizard?