OpenVPN missing plugin libraries

  • I have been using pfSense for several years but have not participated in the forum up until this point.  I have been running 1.2 and am now testing the 1.2.3 snapshots.  I love the system and will say a big "Thank you" to all the developers.

    Why is the included OpenVPN package still missing the plugin that is part of the base FreeBSD package?  I understand that there is no interface in pfSense for incorporating OpenVPN plugins.  However, would it be possible to simply include the full package from upstream rather than one that appears to be trimmed down to the bare minimum?  I am just not understanding why we are maintaining a different OpenVPN installation than what can be easily obtained with pkg_add -r.  I have been successfully using the plugin for quite a while via this method.

    Isaac Huff

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