OpenVPN Radius Client not showing up in Client Export

  • I have OpenVPN configured with RADIUS server. I have it configured based on the "How to" in the Negate Doc. When I and a user to my "VPNUser" group on the RADIUS server I don't see the user in the OpenVPN Client Export. The first 5 users worked just fine when I set it up, but now I try to add a new user and it doesn't sync. Any ideas?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If a user doesn't show up in that list, they probably don't have a certificate (or they have one from the wrong CA). It wouldn't have anything to do with RADIUS.

    Go to System > Cert Manager on the Certificates tab and make sure that new user has a certificate there like the others.

  • Doh! Missed that step. Been a while since I setup a new user. Thanks for the answer.

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