What must be done to connect a XG7100 SFP+ port to a HP ProCurve 2530 SFP port?

  • I recently found out that HA on switchports doesn't fail over unless the whole unit fails. So now I'm trying to verify if I can move my LAN onto the SFP+ ports.

    I've re-written this whole question after hours of googling. These are the facts I think I'm sure of:

    • The SFP+ ports on the XG7100 are 10GB
    • The SFP ports on the ProCurve are 1GB
    • The XG7100 documentation says only fiber cables are supported which means no auto-negotiation is possible.
    • I cannot manually set the speed of the SFP+ ports on the XG7100 to anything other that "autoselect"
    • A poster on this forum has a similar question about six months ago and was able to send their device back to get a hardware upgrade that allowed them to set the SFP+ ports to 1GB

    My question is:

    Is the only option to solve this the same hardware upgrade?

  • This post is deleted!