TOR project and regular network on separate VLANs with openVPN to each

  • Several people have set up their pfSense machines on the TOR network recently (Sam Kear's article at TurboFuture and a similar article at I would like to implement a similar concept but such that I have it set up on two VLANs: one on the TOR network and one on the regular network that my ISP assigned with openVPN set up so that I can VPN into either one as I want from elsewhere. That way, when I'm out of town and connecting to a public network, I can access a very anonymous network (the TOR one) or a secure normal network (the regular one from my ISP) depending on what I'm doing. In addition, I'd like one of the VLANs assigned to one NIC and going to one of my WiFi routers and the other assigned to another NIC and going to the second WiFi router. As I've been researching the concept, however, I've found no descriptions of how to do this if it's even possible. I'm currently running pfSense on a standard Dell Optiplex 780 USFF with a PCIe Ethernet adapter for a second Ethernet NIC and the potential for a USB-to-Ethernet adapter for the TOR network (not ideal, I know, but the only thing I can do for now). Do you have any suggestions?

  • Two things that I forgot to mention are that I already have OpenVPN set up successfully for my normal network and that since I'm new to the pfSense concept, I've never worked with VLANs on it before. I do, however, understand the VLAN broad concept since I've taken a Principles of Networking class as a computer systems administration student at my university.

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